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Facilities :

Darshan of Shree Jagannatha Mahaprabhu is available almost throughout the day i.e. from early in the morning till late night excepting some festive occasions.

Generally, Temple opens and darshan starts at around 5.30 A.M. After offering of the perpetual lamp (Mangal Arati), devotees are allowed entry up to Jagamohan (Bhitar Kaatha) of the temple and darshan from this point is available till completion of “Besha” (approximately upto 7.30 / 8 A.M.). Darshan of Shree Jagannatha Mahaprabhu is not available for 1 hrs. 15 minutes after completion of Besha (approximately from 8 A.M. to 9.15 A.M.) i.e. for performance of Gopal Ballava Puja.

After Gopal Ballav Puja devotees can get darshan from ‘Naatamandir’ (Baahaar Kaatha) till the completion of ‘Sakaala Dhoopa Puja’ (approximately up to 11 A.M.). After completion of Sakaal Dhoopa, devotees are allowed entry up to Jagamohan till completion of “Bhoga Mandap Puja” (approximately up to 1 P.M.). Darshan from near Bhitar Kaath / Jagamohan is also available in between 2 P.M. to 5.30 P.M. i.e. from completion of Madhyanha Dhoop up to completion of Sandhya Aalati and from completion of Sandhya Dhoopa up to completion of Chandan Laagi ritual (approximately from 8 P.M. to 9 P.M.).

To facilitate the devotees hassle free darshan and to control crowd barricades have been provided at Lion’s gate / Eastern gate (main entry of the Temple) and at ‘Kirtan Chakadaa’ (inner court yard) for movement of devotees in queue. ‘Lions gate’ is the only entry point for entering inside the temple and other three gates are used for exit purpose for the devotees. Officials, sevaks and citizens of Puri town can entire through any gate with ID proof.

Free mobile and Shoe stand :

As shoes, sandals, leather articles, camera and mobile phones are not allowed inside the temple, free shoe / mobile stands have been facilitated by Shree Jagannatha Temple Administration near barricade at Lions gate as well as near Shree Jagannatha Temple Office.

Service towards senior citizen and physically challenged devotees :

Free service of Battery operated vehicles are available from Jagannatha Ballav Parking place (Market square) to Temple main gate / North gate for carrying senior citizens and physically challenged people. Wheel chair and Ramp facilities are available at North gate and for availing wheel chair, one can contact Temple Supervisor / Asst. Supervisor @ 06752 – 252527 (wheel chairs are available only for differently abled devotees).

First Aid / Ambulance Service :

Free First Aid service with experienced physician is available in Shree Jagannatha Temple (Branch) office inside the Temple. Free ambulance service is also available from Temple to Head quarter hospital, Puri in case of any casualty inside the temple.

Mahaprasada :

Sacred Mahaprasada (Dry sweets, Rice, Dal, Curry etc.) are available in an ear-marked area inside the temple. This place is known as ‘Aananda Bazaar’ situated at the north east corner of the temple premises. There are dinning space for partaking Mahaprasada with all basic amenities.

R.O. Water Facilities :

Three R.O. plants have been established (one at south side, one at northern side and one inside the Aananda Bazaar) inside the temple to facilitate devotees with hygienic drinking water.

Accommodation :

Four Guest houses (viz. Neelachal Yatri Niwas, Bhakta Niwas, Neeladri Bhakta Niwas and Shree Gundicha Bhakta Niwas ) comprising of AC and non AC rooms with all amenities are available in three prime location at a moderate price.
On-line booking is available@ : ‘https://www.shreejagannatha.in/accomodation/’.

Information Centers :

Five Information centres of Shree Jagannatha Temple Administration are located at Temple’s Main Gate (Lion’s Gate), Puri Railway Station main platform, Shree Gundicha Temple (Main Gate), Sea Beach and at Bhubaneswar Jayadev Bhaban(Main Gate). Donation for the Temple fund are also received from the intending devotees in these centres.